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Growth and Development

Advance of Balance of Development:

Since the era of the founder king Abdulaziz – May Allah by merciful to him – the Saudi development advance is characterized with balance, universality, guidance of the Islamic religion instruction and its noble values. The Kingdom was able to achieve the balance between the civil, construction and economic development and maintaining the religious and moral principals. During the building march, the Kingdom has implemented the five development plans successfully where it has achieved swift jumps and a civilized renaissance to reach to the fast progress. Many basic fittings have been implemented like roads, airports, facilities and other services which helped on shortening the effort and time in carrying out the giant project including the successive development plans on which expenditure augmented as well as the increase of the kingdom's income from oil.

Diversification of the economic base:

The Kingdom has achieved a remarkable success in the field of building and diversification of the economic base to decrease dependence on oil through the enhancement of its productive capabilities in other sectors. Gross domestic production augmented four times in non-oil productions by an average annual growth of 6%, and the non-oil contributions percentage to the gross domestic production increased from 53% to 67%. Income of Non-oil contributions in comparison to the total government revenues increase from 16% to 22%. This is due to the remarkable growth of Petrochemical exports, which spread in the world markets.

Advancement of Industrial Construction:

Building advance of this country is recorded with proud the position of the Kingdom in the industrial field, as the Kingdom's exports of industrial products especially the petrochemicals are marketed in about 139 countries. Furthermore, achievement of self-sufficiency in many industrial products, which were imported from abroad, has been effected. The contribution of the industrial sector in the gross national production is increasing.


Of course, this development and industrial growth to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be positively reflected on commerce whether it is exports or imports. It is impossible to make any comparison between the commercial movement in the Kingdom on its foundation and today. Commerce has changed from a seasonal limited trade (depending largely on Hajj season for example) into a commerce based on economic stable bases because of the comprehensive development in various industrial, agricultural and human fields. It is noted the growth of exports in the previous twenty-five years from the beginning of the first five years development plan. Whereas the its cost reached during 1390-1391H, 1970G about SR 10,9 Billion, it jumped in 1415H , 1994G TO SR 159,6 Billion. This confirms the fact of changing the Kingdom from an imported country to all its needs to a self-sufficient but it exports the surplus in some goods and products.

The Kingdom's role in environment protection:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gives a special priority to conserve the environment and its development from the pollution factors, in view of the Islamic religion instructions, which aims and urges at the conservation of environment, not damaging it, benefiting from its resources without extravagance. In compliance with this way, article 33 of the basic rule regulation sets that the country is working to conserve the environment, protecting, developing and prevent its pollution. To achieve the above, the country issued a number of regulations to conserve the environment and the implementation responsibility is authorized to some ministries and concerned governmental departments. The Kingdom also followed a balanced and integrated policy during planning and implementation of the country's natural heritage programmes, to ensure that it will not have an adversely effect on the environment. The Kingdom directed its efforts to protect and grow the natural heritage especially the rare kinds, which are threatened by the extinction of the animals, plants, land and sea birds. In 1986H, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques –May Allah be Merciful to him- issued a Royal decree to establish the national organization for protection and development of the natural life. His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Ben Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier, Minister of defense and aviation and the general inspector, chairs its Board of Directors. Since its foundation, the organization is doing its best to implement the best regulation and the most effective to deal with the deterioration of the natural environmental system and to ensure the protection of life diversification on the national and international level.

Food Security:

During the advance of building, integration and growth The Kingdom has achieved important steps in the field of food security and self sufficiency in the main agricultural crops, especially the wheat, dates, products of dairies and chickens. The surplus is exported abroad.

Water Resources:

Regarding the development of water resources in the Kingdom, many dams were built in the different districts of the Kingdom to store the rainwater; its storage capacity is about 775 Million cubic meters. The Kingdom has directed its efforts towards the desalination plants to meet the daily needs of drinking water. It has built many desalination plants on the coat of Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf in addition to feeding of more than 40 cities and villages with electricity.

Loan Funds:

The loan funds, established by the government to make available the cash liquidity to the citizens, have achieved an increasing growth in pushing the development wheel in various fields. Loan funds recorded high figures and contributed in finance of many industrial and agricultural projects, in addition to the public investment loans and loans of the Saudi lending bank to the citizens and its achievements in pushing the development of citizens' resources. They are outstanding stations on the road of building, development and the comprehensive civil renaissance which launched with the unification advance of the founder leader King Abdulaziz Ben Abdulrahman Al Saud – May Allah be Merciful to him- . He has laid the bases, rules and objectives aiming at the progress of the country and the citizen, in an atmosphere of security, welfare and stability till Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached to a high international rank among the big countries.

From this point, Saudi Arabian Airlines is progressing as being one of this integrated unity which is full of accomplishments increasing and growing year after year. This proves its eligibility and position among the international air companies, under the auspicious of our prosperous leader, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Ben Abdulaziz and the crown prince His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Ben Abdulaziz.

Distinguishing will still be the title of "Saudia" in multiple and diversified services fields on the road of development, progress and welfare of the beloved country.

The Advancement  continues:

The above was a short profile about the life of the founder king Abdulaziz, which is full of heroic deeds , struggle, sacrifice, progress and the historical accomplishments.

After his death, his blessed sons shouldered the responsibility after him in the advance of growth and progress and support the structure of country by the guidance of Islamic Shari`a laws, and the compliance with it as a base of rule and advisory in the society. At the era of King Saud – May Allah be Merciful to him- the progress remarks appeared and integrated within the structures of many establishments and basic departments in the country.

At the era of King Faisal – May Allah be Merciful to him- the country continued in many achievements by implementing the first development plans, and the call of Islamic solidarity has been renewed for the support of the nation cases.

At the era of King Khalid – May Allah be Merciful to him – the country continued in its comprehensive development steps and implemented the second development plan and a part of the third plan. The era of King Fahad – May Allah be Merciful to him- an era of prosperity and welfare and an achievement in all fields. Here is the advance of building and welfare of the country is continuing at the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, king Abdulla Ben Abdulaziz, - Allah support him – and the crown prince His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Ben Abdulaziz – Allah supports him and at the same road, the heroic story and the progress are continuing.

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