· The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, London does not and has not authorized the use of any discriminatory or objectionable educational materials and will take all appropriate steps to ensure that this is achieved. Saudi Arabia is committed to the development of understanding between all faiths.

· The main task of the Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau is to coordinate the educational scholarships and activities of some 18,000 Saudi students and 10,000 of their dependents studying in the United Kingdom.

· The programme focused on groups of students operating as student clubs which are self-directed groups gathering together at weekends and holidays.

· The Embassy and the Cultural Bureau are carefully investigating what was said on the programme to ensure that our commitment to the respect of other faiths is upheld.

· It should be pointed out that we were unable to carry out such investigations beforehand as the BBC declined to give sufficient details of the clubs or their evidence; and worst,

· The BBC did not allow us time to address questions as it insisted we reply when the Embassy was officially closed and all Muslims were observing the festival of Eid Al-Adha, the holiest holiday of Islam, which we view as wholly inconsiderate and offensive.

· Panorama inappropriately involved itself in the dangers of selectively quoting from texts written centuries ago outside of their historical, cultural and linguistic context.