Following outbreaks of violence in and around major British cities all Saudi nationals working, visiting or studying in the United Kingdom should exercise vigilance and check the Saudi Embassy web site on a regular basis. Saudi citizens should also be careful to take all necessary steps to protect themselves and if possible to keep away from neighbourhoods in British cities, including London, affected by the surge in violence . Saudi Citizens should avoid all large gatherings and demonstrations. They should follow local news reports and be alert to local developments in each region. Any increase in local tension might affect travel advice.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia is aware that the British authorities are taking all necessary steps to stabilise the situation . The British police have arrested scores of individuals involved in these public disturbances. However, violent clashes are continuing to occur in different parts of the country, and therefore the Saudi Embassy advises all nationals to exercise extreme caution in and around major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

The Embassy will remain in close contact with British authorities. On the instructions of the Ambassador, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, a special 24 hour emergency service has been set up at the embassy. Saudi nationals can get help and advice by calling the following numbers: the Cultural Attache ' s office on 0795548928 and the Embassy's main switchboard on 02079173000.