The Ministry of Interior announced today the identity of the suicide bomber behind the July 4 attack in Madinah and of the perpetrators of the Qatif suicide bombing on the same day. Four security officers were killed in the Madinah bombing.  The ministry also announced that investigations have led to the arrest of 19 persons who were involved in these attacks as well as the attack in Jeddah, including seven Saudi citizens and 12 Pakistani nationals. Those investigations are continuing.

According to the ministry statement, the Madinah bombing was carried out by Naer Musllam Hammad Al-Nijaidi Al-Balawe, a 26-year-old Saudi national with a history of drug abuse.

The three perpetrators of the Qatif bombing were identified as Abdulrahman Saleh Muhammad Al-Imir (23), who was detained two years ago for participating in a mob calling for the release of terror-related detainees; Ibrahim Saleh Muhammad Al-Imir (20); and Abdulkareem Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Hasani (20). They were Saudis who did not apply for national IDs.

The ministry statement said that examination of the remains from the two terror attacks in Madinah and Qatif revealed the presence of the explosive nitroglycerin, which it said was similar to the substance found at the scene of the bombing in Jeddah. The authorities are still conducting tests.

The Kingdom has been a major target of terrorist organizations in recent years. In June, the Ministry of Interior's security spokesman, Maj. Gen.  Mansour Al-Turki, said that Saudi Arabia has faced more than 60 terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIL), killing more than 200 citizens and policemen.