Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the European Union enjoy strong ties in the economic, political, educational and social spheres, noting that the European Union countries are key partners with the kingdom in all fields.
The minister made the remarks during a press conference held here today with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.
The minister said that they discussed matters of common interest to both sides including economic matters and the issue of visas, education, the contribution of Europe in the application of the Kingdom Vision 2030, regional situations in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq , Yemen, Libya and the issue of cooperation in the field of terrorism and extremism.
The minister explained that the positions of the two parties are identical, reiterating the kingdom's positions concerning Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Al-Jubeir thanked the EU countries for their positions in support of the Syrians brothers and for their economic support for the Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries and Europe and noted that in connection with international resolutions, there is a defect in the international community which is its inability to fully enforce a decision "as there are countries that do not accept it, countries that stall, countries that enforce a part of it and countries that do not pay any attention to it. This is the reality in which we live and the international community is based on consultation, coordination of positions."
With regard to the Syrian issue, he explained that there is an international consensus that the solution must be under the Geneva-1 and the UN Security Council resolution 2254 which calls for the establishment of a transitional authority to take the power from Bashar Al-Assad, run the affairs of the country, establish a new constitution and prepare for new elections in Syria for a better future. He said that the countries are working according to this international consensus.
Al-Jubeir reported that there is a military support for moderate Syrian opposition and this support is continuing, pointing out that the purpose of what Vienna group have done is to test the intentions of Bashar Al-Assad's regime and his seriousness about the cessation of the military operations, the access of humanitarian aid to all areas in Syria and also a test of the transitional process, noting that it turned out that Bashar Al-Assad's regime was not serious about all that, but things are moving in the desired direction and that hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people in building a new nation that does not include Bashar Al-Assad will be achieved.