As their last activity in France, the delegation of the Saudi French Parliamentary Friendship Committee of the Shura Council had a meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc at the French Foreign Ministry in Paris.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem, Chairman of the Shura Council's delegation. Among topics discussed were mechanisms to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries; as well as the Kingdom's Vision 2030 plan, its contents and promising projects.

The delegation also provided an overview of the Council's work, operations, different committees, international and continental members, and its role in local issues.

The delegation stressed that the Kingdom spare no effort in its call for peace and non-interference in the affairs of others. The delegation also noted that the Kingdom is one of the countries that provides assistance when it comes to humanitarian crises involving Arab, Islamic, and friendly countries.

During a visit to the Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee Paul Alive Kobe, the Committee of French-Gulf Parliamentary Friendship, and President of the French Chamber of Commerce Hadwir Charette, the delegation of the Shura Council discussed the Kingdom's efforts in supporting peace in the Middle East, as well as its repeated call to Iran to not interfere in the affairs of others. The delegation stressed the role of the media in clarifying the true image of the ongoing developments in the Middle East.

Delegation of the Shura Council members included Saud al-Shammari, Huda Ahalisa, Dr. Saeed Sheikh, Dr. Hanan Al-Ahmadi, and Dr. Mona Al Mushayt.