The Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia celebrated in the Republic of Mauritius the 89th National day.
The ceremony was held by the Consul General Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Salamah in Henessy park Hotel, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Mauritius, the Prime Minister, the Vice-president, the ministers from the Government of Mauritius, Senior Officials, Chiefs of Diplomatic missions and Chiefs of international and regional organizations accredited to the Republic of Mauritius.
The Consul General Mr. Bin Salamah thanked the guests for attending the ceremony of the 89th National day, which was celebrated for the first time in Mauritius following the opening of the Consulate.
And he said that this great Day was the culmination of the epic march of the founder of this Homeland. His Majesty the King Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman Al Saoud (May Allah have mercy on him), after regrouping all regions and territories under one vision, he announced to the world that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country governed by justice and law.
The Consul General also pointed out that the Kingdom was then controlled by successive governments up till the King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saoud, custodian of the Two Holy mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saoud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence )May Allah protect them (.These governments have been consistently working on the growth and development of the Kingdom which will benefit the citizens and also driving the Kingdom's economy to its best, along with the establishment of safety and security. These governments have also been working on raising awareness, education and health.
The ceremony was marked by a screening of video and documentary films on the unification of the Kingdom, stages of construction and presentation of informative publications. The audience then congratulated the Kingdom's leadership and people on the occasion of the National Day.