The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participates in the 98th session of the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
His Excellency Ambassador & Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Mr. Ziad Al Atiyah, participated in the meetings of the Organization’s Executive Council in its 98th session held in The Hague from 5-8 October 2021.
His Excellency delivered a national statement reiterating the Kingdom's firm position in making the Middle East region free of all weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, underscoring the importance of the Convention and highlighting its role in strengthening international peace and security.
His Excellency reaffirmed that transfer of non-prohibited technologies, equipment and expertise linked to chemical industries to developing countries, as stated in the agreement of the OCPW, will contribute to promoting international economic development and benefit all parties, also noting that the establishment of the new Chemistry and Technology Center is a turning point in the work of the OPCW towards achieving the aspirations of the states parties, especially in the transfer of technology and technical assistance, affirming that this center will be a beacon of science and knowledge in the field of chemistry.
In conclusion, his Excellency extended his sincere thanks to Mr. Fernando Arias, Director General of the Organization, for the distinguished efforts he has made in the past tenure, and reaffirmed the Kingdom’s support for his reappointment for a second term.