​With reference to the News that was spread by the following News Channels: (France 24) Channel, under the title:- " HAS THE WAR  BETWEEN  SAUDI ARABIA  AND  IRAN EXTENDED BY PROXY TO NIGERIA ?",and 'Russian News Today' Channel (RT), under the title:- " A NEW FRONT OF WAR BY PROXY BETWEEN SAUDI ARABIA AND IRAN", with  regard to a report that was transmitted by " The  French News Agency (France Press) on 5th November, 2016, under the title: "SAUDI ARABIA AND IRAN ARE  REKINDLING DOCTRINAL TENSIONS IN NIGERIA" which stated that: " The Izalatul Bid'ah wa iqamatissunnah sect received funds from the Kingdom".

The  Royal  Embassy  of  the  Kingdom of  Saudi  Arabia in Abuja,  denies  in  its totality and in detail, the News that was stated in that report. Furthermore, the Embassy would like to express its disappointment over important sites, unfortunately transmitting false information, which were obtained from unreliable Sources.

The  Embassy  would  like  to  confirm that, the  Kingdom  of  Saudi  Arabia does not  meddle into  the  Internal Affairs of  Countries. The Kingdom is keen   about the Peace  and  Stability  of  Nigeria, based on the  distinguished fraternal  relationship  which  exists  between  our two  sisterly  Countries, and  always  standing side by side ( in one row) to combat  all  forms  and  dimensions of  terrorism.