​In response to what has recently been published in some of the daily newspapers with regards to the Hajj quota, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pretoria would like to clarify that, the dedicated number for each and every Muslim community, according to what has been agreed upon on the Arab summit which was held in Jordon, is 1000 Hajj for each million Muslim. Therefore, the official quota for the South African Muslim community is set to be 2000 each year. However, due to inability of many Muslims to perform Hajj at the times before the independence of the Republic of South Africa, the Saudi authorities have temporarily increased the South African quota in the previous years.     


The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia affirms that it has contacted the South African Hajj and Umra Council (SAHUC) in September 2006 and informed the council about the readiness of the Embassy to issue the mentioned number of Hajj visas (2000 visas) starting from the month of Shawal 1427 Hijiri (October 2006).


With regards to the requested additional quota, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia reaffirms its great readiness and willingness to issue the additional Hajj visas upon receiving the approval from the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to wish the entire Muslim Community in South Africa a happy and blessed Hajj season.


Pretoria 1 November, 2006


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