The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates the Family Safety Day, which will starts on Wednesday under the slogan: Your family is your safety. The Day includes a number of accompanied activities, with the participation of the Ministry of National Guard (the organizers), Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, and the Human Rights Commission.

The celebration of the Family Safety Day comes as a confirmation of the family role in rejecting violence and terrorism and enhancing the peace and tranquility within the family which stands as the real nucleus for forming the society and building the future generations.

The organizing committee, which comprises of leaders from the participating miniseries and institutions, has approved a number of cultural, sport and entertainment programs and protection campaigns through video and audio media, printed media, electronic media and social media; in addition to workshops for professionals and workers in the field of social protection, specialized public lectures and seminars targeting various community members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These events have been extended to include the Saudi citizens who are living abroad, through the embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its cultural attaches in the scholarships countries, with the intention of creating awareness among the youth and their family on the problems of the domestic violence and the consequent negative effects on the individuals, family and the society.

The celebration program starts with a seminar, organized by the national program of family safety in the health affairs in the Ministry of National Guard, under the title: the role of family in rejecting terrorism. The seminar will include scientific lectures and papers which will review the national experience and studies with regard to the relationship between domestic violence and terrorism. Further, the seminar will address the role of family in confronting the violence and extremism and challenging the distorted views; and presenting a comprehensive study on the legal, security and social dimensions.

The seminar will include youth initiatives from both genders exploring what is compatible with their ideas and proposals on the projects and programs through which the domestic violence could be addressed and what is being produced by the distorted ideas that may lead to terrorism.

The celebration of the Family Safety Day, in its tenth year, comes as a confirmation of the conviction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the role of the family in achieving the safety through its components and its pivotal role and as a nucleus for a productive society that coexists in peace, love and brotherhood.

The organizers have expressed their gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,  King Salman bin Abdul Aziz for approving the celebration of this national event. Further, the organizers extended their thankfulness to His Royal Highness, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Minister of National Guard for his unlimited support to the Center for Family Safety and his follow up to the entire preparations to celebrate the day; noting the efforts of the participating entities which sensed the keenness of the wise leadership in drawing the features of the future road for the family safety and the map for enhancing the family safety.