Dear esteemed visitor, I'm pleased to welcome you to the website of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Republic of South Africa. I wish this site will gain your satisfaction; as we are striving through which to offer the most reliable and useful information that covers all aspects that might be the focus of attention for our esteemed visitor, both in terms of miscellaneous information about Saudi Arabia and the Republic of South Africa or the services provided by the embassy.

I am also pleased to pay tribute to the distinguished relations between Saudi Arabia and the friendly Republic of South Africa. The formalization of the relationship between the two countries goes back to November 1994 when the former President Nelson Mandela went on an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following the visit, two South African diplomatic missions were established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during March of 1995, namely: the South African Embassy in the capital Riyadh and a Consulate General in Jeddah. Later, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pretoria was established in 1997.

We at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia are looking to moving forward in order to complete the process of building and strengthening those outstanding and close relations between the two countries, in addition to providing all the available facilitations that serve all citizens of both countries who are the focus of our attention.

Please accept my best regards،،

Ambassador / Ghorm Said Malhan