​​​The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to inform all Sri Lankan and Maldivian citizens that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken some regulatory procedures with regard to issuing Entry visas to the Kingdom whereas a contract has been concluded with worldwide companies to carry out the biometric enrolment (fingerprints and face photographs) considering it as a basic requirement for those who are applying for visas from all countries. Also these companies will provide services for all categories of visa applications except Hajj, Umrah and Employment (depending on the permission given to the company which will be different from a country to another) and these will be dealt with the same previous procedure through the competent local offices in this regard and approved by the Government Authorities of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka with the necessity of the biometric enrolment for the applicants of these visas.
Also we desire to inform that the company named “VFS TasHeel” will be the approved company by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia for the biometric enrolment in the Republic of Sri Lanka and Maldives. The approved centers for the biometric enrolment are found at the following addresses:

Colombo : Supun Arcade Building, No. 56,
Galle Road, Colombo – 06

Male  : H. Moonlit, 1st Floor,
Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, Male​