In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

And peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers Prophet Muhammad , his family and companions

            On behalf of all the Embassy staff in Tokyo, I am honored to welcome you to the website of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Japan which has been especially designed for access to, enjoy  and benefit from the information developed by the Embassy primarily for the service of  Saudi citizens and whomever has an interest among the friendly Japanese people to acquire basic information about the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

            The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has managed to establish its main website  , develop it in the internet in both English and Japanese languages in order to inform the Japanese people at the public and private sectors about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its history , civilization and the pioneer roles it plays globally and regionally at the Islamic and Arabic worlds.

            On the other hand the Embassy has managed to establish and develop its internet website in Arabic languages in order to serve its citizens in and outside Japan where Saudi nationals and other Arab readers get to know about Japans political, cultural and social spheres .

            The website offers the opportunity to the citizens in order to be in direct contact with the Embassy which provides them the services they need and takes the responsibility to answer their question and inquiries.

Accordingly it is my sincere pleasure to extend the invitation to all to visit the website so that they can obtain the correct information and don’t hesitate to give us your advices, your brightened opinion and your guidance so that we can upgrade the website to its highest standards.

            We pray to Allah, God the Almighty to make us successful  in serving  the religion, our King and our beloved country .

With my best regards,