The visit this week by Prime Minister Theresa May, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has strengthened our historic friendship and revitalised our relationship at this important time in history.

With both countries embarking on new chapters, the United Kingdom through Brexit and Saudi Arabia through Vision 2030, the Prime Minister's visit has shown we will walk this path of change together.

The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia are important strategic partners, and the wide range of issues discussed during the visit, from security to terrorism, to trade and investment, to education and women's sport, shows the strength and the depth of the relationship between our two countries.

There are currently 700 British companies already working in Saudi Arabia and discussions focused on the many opportunities that exist to broaden and deepen our trade, business and investment links through the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia also welcomes commitments given by the United Kingdom to participate in the delivery of our objectives set out in Vision 2030, and we look forward to working together in achieving these outcomes.

Both countries reaffirmed our commitment to fight terrorism and discussions focused on the importance of ensuring Saudi Arabia remains a strong and stable influence in a volatile and uncertain region.

Saudi Arabia's security and prosperity is also the United Kingdom's security and prosperity.

In the coming months we look forward to more high level visits to continue our work as we build on the success of Prime Minister's trip this week.