The Saudi Arabian embassy has not viewed the Channel 4 footage. While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deeply regrets any civilian deaths during the conflict, it categorically states that the Arab coalition does not deliberately target civilians nor humanitarian supplies.

 Saudi Arabia is the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Yemen and we are working with NGOs including MSF and ICRC to ensure vital aid reaches those who need it. Saudi Arabia’s efforts to facilitate humanitarian aid has been acknowledged by MSF, and the United Nations Development Programme described the Kingdom’s commitment to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen as “notable.”

The campaign in Yemen, of which Saudi Arabia is a member, is operating with the unanimous support of UN Security Council Resolution 2216, and is being carried out in full compliance with international humanitarian law.  We are also acting in self defence against an unprovoked attack on our borders.

 The real suffering in Yemen is caused by the Iranian supported Houthi rebels who commenced a revolt against the internationally-recognised, and legitimate, government. These rebels have a long record of recruiting child soldiers, kidnapping journalists, using migrants as human shields and preventing aid groups from delivering medical supplies, thereby exacerbating the humanitarian crisis

 We believe the best way to reduce any causalities and alleviate humanitarian suffering is to ensure a speedy resolution to the conflict and pursue the negotiation of a political solution to the conflict in Yemen."