​The UN Security Council's ongoing failure to make the Middle East a nuclear free zone is one of the reasons the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently rejected the offer of a seat on the Security Council. Prince Saud Al Faisal stressed that lack of international action has put the region under the threat of a time bomb that cannot be defused by manoeuvring round it.

Commenting on the Iranian nuclear issue earlier this year, Prince Saud highlighted the necessity of Iran responding to serious international pressure and removing any regional and international uncertainty about the peacefulness of its nuclear programme. Prince Saud said "The Kingdom also reiterates the importance of a Middle East and  Gulf Region that are free of any and all weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons, especially as the region is one of the world's largest tinder boxes. History attests to the fact that no weapon ever entered the region and remained unused".

Saudi Arabia is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has signed a comprehensive safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency and has consistently supported the establishment of a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to urge all peace­ loving states to accede to such conventions and help the international community to build a society free of weapons of mass destruction in the interests of mankind.



6th November  2013