Saudi Ambassador responds to David Hearst​

Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud refutes the allegations made by David Hearst, editor of the Middle East Eye, claiming a Saudi Israeli alliance against Gaza.


Mr David Hearst


Middle East Eye

Is it your intention to insult? Or are you just completely ignorant of the history or politics of the Middle East?

Or was it that you wanted to try to be different and really didn't care what you said, so you decide to tip the world upside down and shake it about from your comfortable London desk with not a thought for the facts. ("Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment").

It is hard to believe that such utter rubbish, such baseless lies, could be written by someone who purports to be an editor of any kind.

Have you tossed aside so quickly the claim you make on your website: "Our principal loyalty is towards our readers – and our principal task is delivering them the truth."  Clearly truth has vanished out of the window and a wish to sensationalise flown in.

Let me be absolutely clear:  Saudi Arabia in the past, now and in the future will do all it can to support the Palestinian people in their claim for the return of their own land and for self-determination in their own state.

The brutality and disproportionality of the Israeli action against the civilian population in Gaza is a crime against humanity.    And let me remind you that there are Christians as well as Muslims living in Palestine.  To think that Saudi Arabia, which has committed itself to supporting and protecting the rights of ALL Palestinians to self-determination and sovereignty would knowingly support the Israeli action is quite frankly a grotesque insult.

Israel is not defending itself. It is murdering defenceless children. And entire families.    Isn't this genocide?   Mr Netanyahu and his supporters will answer for their crimes before a higher authority than here on earth.

Israel does need help. But not in the shape of more military action.  No it needs help to see that it's actions, far from protecting itself are only perpetuating and increasing its vulnerability.  And isolation.    It is creating generation after generation of men and women who know only fear and hatred and who want only revenge.      

The only glimmer of light is that within Jewish communities worldwide there are Jews speaking out against Israeli aggression and saying that this is not being done in their name.   We can only pray that the Israeli Government will listen to them.

Any dealings by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Israel have been limited to attempts to bring about a plan for peace. Very little research by a professional analyst would show you that King Abdullah's plan for peace – accepted by all Arab states – has always been and continues to be at the forefront of thinking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have tried and will continue to try to do all we can to bring about peace – but we will never, ever support any action by anyone against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people are our brothers and sisters - whether they are Muslim Arabs or Christian Arabs. Be assured we, the people and Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will never ever give up on them, we will never do anything to harm them, we will do all we can to help them in their rightful claim to their own homeland and the return of lands taken illegally from them.

Mohammed bin Nawaf A Saud