Islamic Side:​​

It is estimated that the percentage of Muslims in Albania remains stable at 70%, though it has seen that most people in general, especially the adult age, have adopted Islamic customs and traditions.

The Islamic and Charity Associations in Albania are making their best effort to spread the truth of Islam and help the Muslims, being supported from the committed Albanian Muslims who have studied in some Arab and Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey etc. who played a major role and contribution in guiding people in Islam. It is important to mention that the Albanian students who studied in Saudi Universities have made a noticeable work in spreading the word of Islam as well as taking the "Imamate" in the majority mosques in Albania.


Our Embassy has been participating in many Islamic events like inauguration of mosques and charitable activities carried out by some associations in the care of the orphans as well as attending and participating in Islamic seminars and everything connected to muslim's affairs.

The Embassy also responds to the inquires of the Ministry of the Islamic Affairs and its requests for help in filling out the applications and visiting the sites requesting assistance.


The Saudi Islamic Associations and foundations that operate in Albania are:

 World Assembly of Muslim Youth

The Islamic Waqf Foundation

Islamic Relief Worldwide a subsidiary of the Muslim World League

The Furqan Organization sponsored by the   Holy Koran Memorization International ORG (Muslim World League)  


The Gulf associations and foundations:

 Kuwaiti Joint Committee

Qatar-Albania Friendship Association

UAE Red Crescent  ​

​Economical and Cultural Side​​:

​Political Side​: