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  • الاشتراطات الصحية للحج

    الاشتراطات الصحية للحج

    ​أصدرت وزارة الصحة في المملكة العربية السعودية هذا المستند؛ لتوضيح الاشتراطات والإرشادات الصحية المتعلقة بالقادمين إلى المملكة لغرض الحج لموسم 1445هـ (2024م).الاشتراطات الصحية للحج.pdf

  • Hajj Health Requirements

    Hajj Health Requirements

    ​The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued this document to indicate the health requirements and guidelines related to those coming to the Kingdom for Hajj 1445-2024.Hajj Health Requirements. ...

  • The Saudi Green and Middle East Green Initiatives to Preserve the Environment

    The Saudi Green and Middle East Green Initiatives to ...

    The Saudi Arabia Green Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative, which were announced by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, confirm the Kingdom's commitment to protect ...

  • The Saudi national day

    The Saudi national day

    ​Due to the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, the Saudi national day, will be organized in a different way. There will be no traditional reception taking place this year. Despite the physical distance, we remain enthused ...

  • Saudi Arabia in the Lead G20 Presidency

    Saudi Arabia in the Lead G20 Presidency

    ​IntroductionThe G20 brings together leaders of the largest economies of the world to discuss financial and socioeconomic issues, forming a platform for collective and effective cooperation.As time progresses towards ...

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