Makkah Al-Mukarramah:
The city of Mecca is located on latitude 21 degrees and 27 minutes and longitude 39 degrees and 49 minutes. It is the headquarter of Makkah Province and has the Holy Mosque, the Kaaba which is the Muslims Qibla, the holy sites (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah), um Al-Qura University , and the headquarter of the Islamic Conference Organization.
Almadinah Al-Munawarah:
Almadinah is located in the north-west of the Kingdom on latitude 24 degrees and 28 minutes north, and longitude 36 degrees and 39 minutes east. It is the headquarter of Al-Medina Province, and holds the Prophet's Mosque, the grave of the Prophet peace be upon him, the Islamic University and King Fahd Complex for printing of the Quran.
Riyadh is located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula on latitude 24 degrees and 42 minutes and longitude 46 degrees and 42 minutes. It is the headquarters of Riyadh Province and the capital of Saudi Arabia. It holds all the ministries and foreign embassies and consulates, Yamama Palace, the Shura Council, the Conference Palace , King Khaled International Airport, King Fahd International Stadium, television complex, diplomatic Quarter, King Saud University, Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, the Government Palace, King Fahd Security College, King Abdul Aziz Military Academy, King Faisal Air Academy, Kinf Faisal Specialized Hospital, King Khalid University Hospital, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, King Fahad National Guard Hospital.
The city of Jeddah is located on the coastal plain east of the Red Sea, which represents a natural extension of the coastal plain Tuhama between latitudes 25-21, 45-21 north and longitude 5-29, 20-39 east. It is a major sea port which gave it a major and historic role as a port and a gateway to the Holy Land, and a transit point for commercial traffic, making it currently the most important center for import and distribution in the Kingdom and is therefore in control of most economic activity due to the presence of air and sea port.
The city of Abha in the Asir Region is located on latitude 18 degrees and 14 minutes, longitude 24 degrees, 30 minutes. It is the headquarters of the Asir Province, and includes the Kingdom's most important resorts. It is considered one of the tourist attractions and has seen great development in this area. It holds Abha's Airport, Asir national Park, Souda, Dalghan, Alqraa, the Plateau, Alsahab, and Almahala valley .
The city of Hail is located west of Al-Adaira Valley, known as Hail valley, on latitude 27 degrees 30 minutes north, longitude 41 degrees 43 minutes east, and is the headquarter of Hail Province. Hail is considered as one of the cultural attractions and is well known for a number of ancient ruins of old castles and palaces such as: Yatab, Janine, Vaid, Jabal Habashi, Athailby, and the fees, drawings and tombs of Thamud in Dhayef.
Albaha is located in the southwestern part of the Kingdom, on latitude 20 degrees and 15 minutes and longitude 41 degrees and 28 minutes, and is the headquarter of the of Al-Baha Province. It is a tourist attraction with a quiet nature, high mountains, thick forests and good climate. Albaha has a group of plants due to the fertility of its soil.
The city of Buraidah is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, on the left edge of the course of the valley of Ramle on latitude 26 degrees and two minutes, longitude 43 degrees and 58 minutes. It is the headquarter of Al Qassim Province and is famous for agriculture. It holds King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Buraidah's water tower, Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz sports city, and different factories producing cement, bricks, sponges, furniture, pottery, bricks and plastic.
The city of Tabuk is located in the northwest of the Kingdom, to latitude 36 degrees, 65 minutes and longitude 28 degrees, 49 minutes, and is the headquarter of Tabuk Province. It is considered one of the agricultural cities where there are many important agricultural projects Producing wheat, fruit, chicken and eggs. It is well known for the agriculture and export of flowers. it holds many Islamic monuments, including the Mosque of Repentance, which Prophet  Mohammed peace be upon him prayed in before the battle of Tabuk.
The city of Jazan is located in the south of the Kingdom on latitude 16 degrees and 53 minutes and longitude 42 degrees and 33 minutes, and is the headquarter of Jazan province. The area includes Jazan Valley Dam which is considered one of the largest Kingdom's dams with an energy storage of 7 million cubic meters. Jazan is rich in agricultural production, and includes ancient historic landmarks such as Athar city and Abu Arish Castle. It also has the port of Jazan on the Red Sea, the third port of the Kingdom in terms of capacity, and the main gateway for imports of south-western part of the Kingdom.
The city of Dammam is located in the eastern region on latitude 26 degrees and 30 minutes and longitude 50 degrees, 6 minutes, and is the headquarter of the Eastern Region Province. The region is famous for its oil fields, and holds headquarter of Saudi Aramco, and the industrial city of Jubail, the King Abdul Aziz Port Marine, King Fahd Park, King Fahd International Airport, Dammam Beach, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, King Faisal University, and the Institute of the Air Force.
The city of Sakaka is located in the northern end of the Great Nufod, on latitude 29 degrees and 59 minutes and longitude 40 degrees and 12 minutes, and is the headquarter of Al-Jouf Province. It is an agricultural city and one of the Kingdom's richest regions in historical monuments, representing different historical eras, such as Fort Zaabal, Tal Assaeyi , Rajajil pillars, Twair castle, Mared castle, and the Mosque of Omar ibn al-Khattab «may Allah be pleased with him».
Arar is located in the northern border area on latitude 30 degrees and longitude 41, and is the headquarter of the Northern Border Region. It is  a city of geographical significance as a cross point of important roads; Iraq, Al-Jouf, Almadinah Almunawarah, Algrayat, and Hafr Albatin. The pipeline Altabalain passes through the city.
The city of Najran is located in the south-west of the Kingdom, to latitude 17 degrees and 37 minutes and longitude 44 degrees and 26 minutes, and is the headquarter of Najran Province. It is famous for agriculture and is rich in palm trees. It has the Najran valley dam which is one of the largest dams in the Kingdom with a storage capacity of 85 million cubic meters. Najran city is famous for its archeological significance since it contains several unique buildings. Al-Ukhdood area which was mentioned in the Holy Quran is south of Najran city.