King Abdulaziz:
·         I call for the religion of Islam and spreading it between nations. I am a herald of the doctrine of the righteous Salaf "Ancestors" which is the adherence to the Book of Allaah "the Quraan" and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him.
·         I grew up in the desert. I do not know the assets of speech and decorating it. I know the truth, but bare of all decoration. Our pride and glory is in Islam.
·         Deliberation has a basis which is the advice to commit to the right, and it has an advantage and glamour , but walking on without deliberation causes insufficiency and prejudice. We want deliberation to combine between the Sunnah and what God has commanded us.
King Saud:
·         Islam came and  transformed us from humbleness and humiliation to the highest grades. We became the strongest, we became leaders, and we became heralds calling for the religion of Allah.
·         The consensus of Muslims and unifying them is the greatest duty of every Muslim to work to achieve. I call upon all Muslims to gather on the right, unify their word, and become like a solid structure.
King Faisal:
·         Muslims in general and Arabs in particular should communicate with each other, understand each other and cling to the religion of Allah.
·         God forbid that Islam is opposed to progress. It is a religion of development, pride and dignity. We should seize the opportunity of  pilgrimage to discuss means of advancement for Muslims
King Khalid:
·         Because a strong believer is better than a weak one, we are keen on building a strong economic base based on the Saudi human in whom we build the ability to deal with the challenges of the era's achievements, that ability which reached a high level of performance.
·         The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very proud to put all its potential and recruit all its energies to serve the pilgrims of the Holy Mosque, who arrive in their country and among their brothers. 
King Fahad:
·         Saudi Arabia is one of the countries of the Nation of Islam, it is from them and for them. It was originally created to carry the banner of calling for the religion of Allah. Then, Allah honored it with the privilege of serving the two holy mosques thus increasing the size of its responsibility. Its policy was remarkable and its duties increased, and by carrying out these duties at international levels, it is complying with what God has commanded.
·         We do not claim superiority, but I assure you that this country depends after God on its Islamic faith, and whoever relies on their right Islamic faith will always have a very large share of sophistication and progress for the good of their citizens in all areas.
·         Whoever sees what we are going through now from scientific, health and architecture revival, and what we used to be in the past when our country was a desert, doesn’t believe that during this record time this glorious revival arose. All thanks to God, then to our adherence to his Book and the Sunnah of His messenger – peace be upon him.