The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Kingdom of Thailand welcomes all citizens and has the honor to provide important services and information related to the Thai laws.

Brothers and Sisters/



Dear Visitor, the Embassy would like to recommend the following:

- Keeping the passport as an official document and not to mortgage it for any purpose or hand it over to any person except to a competent official who wishes to see it as a personal ID.

- The Embassy recommends that all Saudi citizens should register their passports electronically at the Embassy through the official website or e-application.

- If the passport is lost or stolen, the holder of the passport should immediately report the lost at the nearest police station in Thailand, and should save the number and date of the report as recorded in the police file and then visit the embassy to complete the necessary procedures.

- Stay away from places of political gatherings or demonstrations and not to involve or participate in any political demonstration as it is considered an internal political matter of Thailand.

- Not to offend religions, beliefs and religious symbols.

- Don't trust people who claim to be owners of companies or business.

- to stay away from suspicious places.

- to be careful of burglary and robbery during shopping and touring by not putting money or passports in handbags that are easily to be stolen, especially when traveling by taxi or (Tuk Tuk).

- to make sure your ATM or credit card is activated before traveling to Thailand because the inactive card may not be able to withdraw the amount.

- Ensure that when renting an apartment, house or car, there should be a legal lease contract from an approved real estate office clarifying all the terms and regulations of the lease contract in terms of the required insurance amount, payment method and time of payment. After agreement on all terms and conditions of the contract, it may be signed accordingly. Both parties must abide by each clause of the contract to avoid any legal disputes.

- No smoking except in designated places because smoking in prohibited places will expose the smoker to a fine.

- Ensure that official documents and money are kept in safe places to avoid loss or robbery.

- To reach the center of Bangkok or any other city, the Embassy recommends to use taxis registered with the airport authorities, especially for families. It is also advisable to record taxi plate information for your reference when needed.

In case of any problem do not hesitate to contact the Department of Saud Affairs at the Embassy and report the incident in a timely manner so the Embassy can provide you with the necessary assistance and resolve your problem early before it worsens and before any negative repercussions causing you to fines or detention.