​​Uganda is located in the East Africa on lake Victoria, its political system is presidential, its economy depends on agriculture and fisheries and recently oil was discovered but the quantities were not so far known update.

Islamic Side:

The official percentage of Muslims in Uganda is 12% out of 34 million people. However their true percentage exceeds 20% but they have no real presence in the government because of their differences.​

Economical and Cultural Side:

Uganda is considered to be a very expensive country it resembles the European countries in its high cost of living, it has very high inflation rates where it reached in 2011 34%. Its citizens suffer from high cost of living which increases day after day. Culturally no significant activity in the cultural life of Uganda.​

Political Side:

​The political system of Uganda is presidential, its president is elected through adult suffrage, the current president is characterized by staying the longest period in power among all the rulers of East Africa as he has stayed in power for 26 years by ruling Uganda through winning elections.​