The Kingdom has provided 1.3 billion dollars to humanitarian aid missions around the world over refugee crisis for the past 8 years. It has also provided 239.7 million dollars to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and 93.2 million dollars to International Migration Organization (IMO).


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the biggest contributor to humanitarian aid and development projects, in which it makes up 3.7% of the total contribution, exceeding the UN's suggested percentage of 0.7% of GDP.


The refugees in the world face many challenges which caused an increase of funding projects that aim to provide sustainable solutions that comply with the international human rights. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided 18.1 million dollars to 13 humanitarian aid projects that assist the refugees in Bangladesh and Malaysia and implemented programs in Myanmar. It has also funded 198 projects to aid with the Syrian refugee crisis by providing; 178.3 million to Jordan, 95.7 million to Lebanon, 88.7 million to Turkey, and 219.6 million dollars to other countries. It separately provides Jordan extra humanitarian aid of 203.3 million dollars for hosting refugees.​