Dear Citizen:

The Malaysian government grant Saudi nationals visiting Malaysia visa to stay for maximum period of (90) days under the name of special visa, which allowed the Saudi citizen to stay in Malaysia for tourism,  the visa can be extended for acceptable reasons for an additional one month with recommendation of the Saudi Embassy. The procedures for extension must begin at least two weeks before the previous length of stay expired. In the case of exceeding the length of stay provided or failure, regardless of the reasons, it will be applied to pay a fine up to minimum RM10.000 (ten thousand Malaysian Ringgit) or imprisonment for six months, or both.
Dear Citizen:
In this regard, the Saudi Embassy hopes all Saudi citizens coming to Malaysia for tourism or study in private education institutes to visit the Embassy before the visa expired to consider the possibility of extending the duration of their stay. For Saudi students in Malaysian Universities, whether they are students on scholarships or not, it require to  visit the Saudi Cultural Attaché soon after they arrive in Malaysia  to remedy the situation of their stay in Malaysia.
Guidance for Saudi citizens wishing to travel to Malaysia

Dear Citizen:
We are confident of your keenness to represent the best image of the country abroad, as homeland for the Two Holy Mosques and the Qiblat of the Muslims, and the cradle of Islamic civilization and Arabians values , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, and all of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques mission abroad is pleased to be always help and serve you  .
Considering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs duty towards the Saudi citizens abroad, including facilitate their  travel and residence,  protect their family from any difficulties, problems or obstacles that may face ahead, and to save effort, time and money, the Ministry is pleased to extend the following general guidelines  that may help all Saudi citizens abroad:

Firstly, if you want to travel you should check the following:
- The validity of your passport for a period not less than six months, the passport must  attached with  your family members who do not have passports individually in the case of tourism.
- If you travel to study , training course, education or register in any university, your passport must be valid for at least one year, and all your family members must have  separate passports issued by their names and such action is necessary in Malaysia.
- Keep the civil registry number for easy reference when needed, especially when visit the Saudi Embassy in the case of passport lost.
- Some countries that require entry visa obtained from their Embassies abroad, so you have to get those visas before departure. when you applying for entry visa from foreign embassy, You must fill out the application form accurately, and all your data are identical with what is written in the application form visa, and please make sure to refer to the number of family members added to your passport in the same visa issued.
- Make sure that the travel, accommodation and transfers is done with licensed travel agents.
- Remember that some countries prevent the entry of food cans, so avoid carrying such kind of food in  inside your luggage. to identify a list of prohibitions and restrictions in that countries, you have to visit  their embassies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or search for it in internet.
- You have to get Knowledge of regulation in the destination country with regard to the introduction of cash and the restrictions upon it, jewelry and precious personal belongings, please be advised not to carry large amounts of cash, the credit cards is advisable to use.
- If you travel visit for business, please refer to the Chambers of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  before entering into negotiations with the companies or individuals, you can also refer to the Saudi Embassy to ensure the safety status of these companies, to avoid being victim to fraud and forgery, you should also consult a lawyer before signing any contracts.
Secondly : When you arrive to the destination country
- Fill entry forms with precision and accuracy, also doing so when you answering any questions from immigration officials. Please take note that the answer should be just as much as question.
- Respect the regulations and laws of the destination country. 
- Accurately disclosed to the customs officer on arrival for everything that exists inside the baggage and remember that some countries had to record the jewelry and cash and checks and other personal belongings if exceed a certain limit.
- Make sure to get a receipt when you convert cash into the currency of the destination country, as you may require to present it on departure to avoid confiscate your money, you should also keep receipts of jewelry and valuables purchases.
- Keep your passport as well as airline tickets, personal belongings and be sure to save them in safe places. When you arrive to your destination, ask for safety box, and take the initiative to register your passport at the Saudi Arabia Embassy.
- If you want to give power of attorney to an individual or an institution or a lawyer in abroad, we advise you to give limited power of attorney related to the case only,  and should not be a power of attorney give the agent the right to hire a third party or enter into a settlement and reconciliation or compromise, and discharge without referring  to the client or get prior written officially approval certified by the relevant authorities to avoid being victim to exploitation.