- Follow all laws and regulations and  pursue the right process and procedures in Kazakhstan legal system. 

- The importance of not allowing the security forces to search your house without a search warrant from public prosecutor or the court or by the competent authority.

- Make sure to renew the driving licenses and residence papers before the expiration date for the consequent legal liability to avoid paying a fine and or  possibly could reach to prison punishment.

- In the case of a call request from the court and must be present  before the court with counsel on schedule in order to avoid the issuance of a default judgment.

- Remain silent when the investigation or interrogation is on session. If you do not have a presented lawyer with you, make sure to insist on the attendance of a lawyer to the investigation or interrogation, as well as to inform the embassy directly to enable them to attend the court hearing.

Don’t ​carry or keep any form of  identification papers of any other people whatsoever, including wife in order to avoid the charge of possession of identity documents do not belong to you personally and the allegation of stealing with the importance of the delivery of passports and identity papers to Morafiq  both of your family or your users or others except for the minor children.

- in the case of accompany with servants or drivers   must provide the recruited a work contract in Saudi because  they are subject to the law of the host country, which may allow them to acquire their identification  documents and or have less or more hours work regulations and the period of stay and go out of their sponsor at a specific time. Also the  salary should be commensurate with salaries in the host country, otherwise that would be consider as  violation of the host legal system and would hold you as accountability and might be engage in criminal and civil cases. 

 - don’t held your passport or other identity of any of the authorities no matter what.

- Taking into account different cultures and avoid some behaviors familiar to Arab culture that may be unfamiliar to other cultures for example courtship to  foreign children in addition to that stay away from being harsh with children in order to avoid issues that could be held against you on charges of abuse of children.

Any family dispute which reached the authorities, punishment would be first for the general right, even if the other party waiver case, so make sure to limit family disputes within the family circle.

-  It is important to use a lawyer and take legal advice if you want to establish a business or invest in Kazakhstan.

- If you want to buy a property you must make sure this property has all its legal and right documents from the competent authorities with the presence of the existence of an official record of the property and there's no any disputes or contraindications hinder or something could prevent the registration property also  inform the lawyer about it. and you can get benefit from take in to account the embassy suggestions. ​