​Morocco shall have a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and social. And the constitutional order of the Kingdom on the basis of separation of powers and balance and cooperation, and democratic citizenship, participatory and on the principles of good governance and linking responsibility accounting. Based on the Moroccan nation in its public life on the constants of the University is in the Islamic religion, national unity and constitutional monarchy and democratic choice.

​​Islamic Side​:

Morocco is a Muslim dominated by Sunni Maliki school and there are a small minority of the Jewish population. Moroccan laws and guarantee freedom of worship as the Moroccan Constitution provides for the third in his class that (Islam the state religion, and the state shall guarantee freedom of worship). There are large Moroccan cities, places of worship for Jews and Christians of foreigners living in Morocco.​

​​Economical and Cultural Side​:

 ​Morocco's economy  depends mainly on agriculture, mining, tourism and foreign investment. The import bill for fuel and energy burden on the state budget. The France, Spain and the European Union trade partner of Morocco.​

​​Political Side​: