​​Most int​erested researchers in Saudi - Moroc​can ties ​Confirm that the contact between the two sides back to a long time and particularly since the first Saudi state where the reform movement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab, the letter arrived from the Hijaz to Fez to report the call of Shaykh Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab and that was in the era of Lord King Solomon who commissioned scientists villagers respond to the message is then sent his son Ibrahim, at the head of the delegation of pilgrims, which was comprised of many scientists to respond to that message. There are even of researchers from the link between reforms that Lord Solomon in its approach to avoid excessive debt and the reform movement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab. And restore some of the researchers, the distinguished relations between the two countries at the present time to the depth of history, has made the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Morocco in 1957 after less than a year on the independence of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Morocco of the most Arab relations stable basis of the basic constants of the two countries based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others, and a Joint Committee between the two countries, I find the oldest Arab cooperation mechanisms as established pursuant to the economic and technical cooperation signed between the two countries in which m and 14/4/1976 held its first meeting in 1980, and has seen relations developments in a row in the cultural, economic, and political, during which the signing of several agreements and increased with trade exchanges between the two countries and official visits between senior officials and cultural cooperation between cultural institutions between the two countries, and Now is the coordination between the two countries in the Arab world through their membership in the League of Arab and Islamic level through their membership of the Organization of Islamic Conference, either at the international level are both members of the Organization of the United Nations, in addition to coordination by specialized international organizations and bilateral meetings between senior continuing officials.