​​Consulates and Embassies in Oman
Oman maintains excellent relationship with all the other countries in the world with a belief in cooperation and harmonious associations. It has diplomatic missions in over 150 countries and is also a member of more than 100 international organisations and global bodies of common interests.

​In this section you can find information about the various consulates, embassies and their contact s, website links. In addition you can also find information about the Diplomatic Institute and the Diplomatic Club of Oman.

The Royal Oman Police diligently serves in protecting the country and its people. For the convenience of the public, every area has its own police station and in addition police continuously keep patrolling their areas.

In this section you can find contact and location details of different police stations, services offered by the policing staff including offering of protection to special guests.

Police stations – contact numbers

Health Services
Oman’s public health care system is of high standards and this has been affirmed by International health organisations. Effective healthcare is provided at health centres, polyclinics and hospitals operating all over the country.

Here is some useful about precaution from fire accidents. It includes tips on proper use and maintenance of fire extinguishers, precautions from vehicle fires, along with guidelines about fire safety in farms.

The local currency is the Omani Rial (referred to as RO or OR or OMR). It is further divided into 1000 Baiza (or baize). Currency denominations are available in 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 Rial and 500, 250, 200, and 100 Baisa bills. Coins are also available in 100, 50, 10 and 5 Baizas. Refer to a bank or check online to find the equivalent of any foreign currency to Omani Rial.

Public telephone booths are available all around the country and they operate on prepaid telephone cards that can be bought at any super market or the nearby convenience stores. It would be more comfortable to buy a prepaid SIM card which comes with prepaid credit at the airport mobile phone service counters.

Oman’s telecommunication sector is governed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). There are about five service providers in this sector for fixed line and mobile communication services. Wireless Internet connectivity is also commonly available from two of these providers while OmanTel is the first provider of landline-based Internet connectivity.
Car Rental
Traveling between tourism destinations of Oman can be a comfort in rented cars. Even business travellers can hire cars for a full day or for a few days. There are several agencies proving ‘rent-a-car’ services.

Tourist Map
In this section you can find an interactive multimedia map to the Sultanate of Oman which shows its geology and significant places of heritage and culture like the fort , caves and other UNESCO heritage sites.

The map also clearly marks the eastern and western Hajar mountain along with maps of trekking routes in this area.
Click on the link to access the map.

Oman offers its visitors plenty of shopping opportunities at its traditional souqs, malls, complexes and supermarkets. The malls house several international branded products while the traditional Souqs offers handicrafts and antique goods along with the famous frankincense, incense burners perfumed oils. Visitors can shop souvenirs in any of these places and also indulge in tasting local cuisine as well as fast food joints located conveniently at these shopping areas.

Places to Eat
Oman has an diverse range of traditional, continental, European, Arabian, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, Far-eastern choices, when it comes to cuisine. The famed meat filled wraps called ‘Shawarmas’ have never failed to addict the palettes of many visitors.

Omani ‘Khawa’ coffee prepared and served in its traditional style add a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Omani traditional ‘Halwa’ is a not-to-miss dessert feast just as the creamed ‘Umm-Ali’ pudding. With plenty of sea food and red meat, Omani grills offer a sumptuous range of choice for those who like smokey barbeques where they get to feast on pieces of spicy meat coal–roasted.

Due its popularity most of the International fast food chains have more than 1 branch located at various locations for the convenience of locals and visitors alike. In this section, location and contact information for food joints and coffee shops can be found.

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World Heritage Sites
Oman is uniquely blessed with natural landscape and cultural phenomena that have been recognised by the   UNESC0 () as sites that are of outstanding universal value. These range from the fort in Bahla, to settlement and tombs in Bat, and the frankincense trail in the Dhofar region. The ‘Falaj’-based water conservation and distribution system as a unique Omani feature has also gained notable prominence as heritage sites and many such ingenious irrigation systems are still functioning in Oman. Click on the link below for further details.

Sports & The Outdoors
Oman with its pristine beaches, majestic mountains, lush wadis and mysterious caves, offers many opportunities for visitors to experience adventures of a unique kind in the Gulf. In this section you will find information about sport and both land and water-based outdoor activities such as diving, surfing and kayaking beside gentle activities like bird-watching and dolphin watching.

Natural Wonders
Oman’s landscape is unique with its mountains, valleys, springs, caves, beaches, lagoons, fjords, deserts and water channels called A’Falaj. It is a unique medley offered to tourists who visit Oman. One can enjoy these places either by driving through them or even by camping overnight. Either way they can feel and enjoy the ethnicity of Oman.

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Eco Tourism
In this section you will find information about what eco-friendly activities one can undertake when in Oman. Oman has coastal lagoon that are a bird watchers paradise. Visitors can also take a boat or dhow trip to see dolphins in the Arabian Gulf. Several natural reserves for native species of animals like the Oryx and the marine Sea Turtles are good places to visit. In this section, you can find information about these places and others such as the Jabal Samhan, Wadi Sareen Reserve and the Khawrs of Dhofar.

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