Dear Visitor:

Facilitated the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Dushanbe to provide this guidance, which provides some information that should be on every visitor or resident to read and utilize them to facilitate the visit or stay in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Also want the embassy to emphasize that your consciousness brother citizen systems and the laws of the host country on the one hand, and a commitment to ethics and morals of the Islamic hand them the best way reflect the image supervisor for Saudi Arabia and our Islamic religion abroad as the best evidence to avoid what disturbs you travel.

It is recommended that Embassy strongly all citizens to retain documents for their safe because the system is considered an official document must be preserved and non-mortgage for any purpose or delivered to any one except the person responsible wishes to see it as proof of character and then returned to its owner, and also stimulate the embassy to the importance of recording the passport have and maintain on a it's a necessity.

In the case of loss or theft of the passport must inform the nearest police station immediately with concern for the registration number and date of the case as recorded in the file police and then go to the embassy to complete the necessary procedures in preparation for the issuance of a replacement (ticket over to the visitor or passport of the resident). Before traveling abroad, please make sure that the validity of the passport of not less than six months, as required by most states before issuing the visa, also like the embassy drew the attention of all visitors that residency laws Tajik required to obtain a visa before entry into its territory or granted a temporary visa from the airport in Forced cases. When you came my brother citizens to the airport be sure to keep your luggage on the personal, as personal luggage, particularly hand vulnerable to theft by professional thieves steal tourists, particularly in airports, markets and other public places. Also, you'll ensure all care when shopping from the shops to keep visitors of all invoices belonging to what has been purchased and make sure to pay for all purchases and alert the embassy to take a cautious and prudent when shopping or hiking incidents of theft by failing to put money or passport in hand luggage, which are usually vulnerable to theft. And the development of cash and jewelry and all valuables and personal cards such as driver's license or vehicle ownership document or book of family or national identity card ... etc in safe deposit boxes in the hotel rooms and not leave it. When renting an apartment or house, be sure to be a contract containing all the terms of the lease in terms of the size of the insurance required and how to pay, and having satisfied all the conditions and after the signing must adhere to each item of the contract in order to avoid any legal disputes. Avoid going places suspicious and wary of dealing with drivers, translators, or those who claim they are prominent people and owners of companies and trade.

The official language of the Tajik

The capital, Dushanbe

The largest city

The most important cities, Dushanbe

Khujand siege Sughd Badakhshan

Republican system of government

President Emomali Rahman

Area of 143.100 km2 (55.251 sq mi)

Population 7,349,145

Independence (from Soviet Union) September 9, 1991 M "Independence Day"

Population density is 48.6 people in every 1 km 2

Samani Tajik Currency (TJS)

Time Difference (UTC +5) KSA +2

National Anthem National Song Tajikistan

Code auto TJ

Internet code of international tj.

International telephone number +992


Haikhanh "comfort" - Rudaki Avenue 74. Tel: 2217654, 2246254

Restaurant Tajikistan - Street Timor Shah 22. Tel: 2212440

Avisto Street - Rudaki 105/1. Tel: 900778

Indian Restaurant "Daily Derbar" - Rudaki Avenue 88. Tel: 2246611

Turkish enough "Marwa" Rudaki Avenue 92. Tel: 2210994


Hyatt Regency Dushanbe (Hyatt Regency Dushanbe) - Tel: +99243 3771234

Hotel Tajikistan (Tajikistan) - Tel: 2212943, 2212937.2211382.

Grand Asia (Grand Asia Hotel) - Tel:

Taj Palace (Taj Palace Hotel) - Tel:

Hotel Avesta (Avesto) - Tel: (Code: 99 237 +) 2211175, 2211276.2211216.

Hotel Dushanbe (Dushanbe) - Tel: 2212357.2219655.

Hotel Mercury (Mercury) - Tel: 2244491.2244137.

Sino Hotel - Tel: 2270091, 2270092.

The proposed tourist sites

Park "drop" (Victory) - North East Dushanbe.

Rudaki Central Park - the city center.

My garden - north of the city.

Zoo Street - Ismail Samani.

National Museum Tgiua Street - my eyes.

National Museum of Antiquities as Behzad - Intersection RAJABOV - Astarafshan.

Castle siege (from the ninth century AH.) - 30 km west of Dushanbe.

Basin water storage "Norac" - just 80 km from Dushanbe.

Resort "Khoja Abe Garm" health - 60 km north of Dushanbe.

Resort "Abe Garm" (hot water) - 130 km from Dushanbe to the east.

Camp "and Rzap" of the climb - just 30 kilometers from Dushanbe to the north.

Ramat tourist resort - just 30 kilometers from Dushanbe to the east.

Shalala Tkab - 50 km north of Dushanbe.

Mountains "Childchteran" (Forty girls) legendary in terms of insured Abad South Dushanbe.

Castle Holubok (eighth century AH.) - About 200 kilometers south of Dushanbe.

The tree that almost 1300 years old, about 200 kilometers south of Dushanbe country.

Somoni mountain summit height 7495 meters - located east of Dushanbe.

Rivers and lakes

River Bing length 921 km and separates the Tajik-Afghan border and stems from the towering Pamir Mountains.

River 525 km long Oukhc stems from the mountain springs and cuticulae well.

Amodraa River (historic Oxus). Bing and pour water in it and being Oukhc Ozpeixtan to 85 km of its course within the Tajik land only.

River Srdraa (Sihon historic) stems from the mountains of northern Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to be. 105 km from Tajik territory.

Axanderkol mountain lake - about 130 km north of Dushanbe.