​Tajikistan is a country located in south-eastern Central Asia with an area of 143.1 km / box.

  Adjacent to the Republic of Tajikistan to the east China province (430 km.), And the north of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (630 km.), And the west and north of the Republic of Uzbekistan (910 km.), And the south of Afghanistan (1030 km.). Separates the River Bing (Jitjon historically) the border between them.

Tajikistan name comes from the word "Tajik" the name of nationalism and "Stan" means "place". This label emerged after the administrative divisions of the Soviet government in the twentieth century. Before the government took power in Soviet Central Asia was the territory of Tajikistan belonging to the Emirate of Bukhara. Tajikistan is a republic with autonomous subsidiary of Ozpeixtan Soviet in 1924. Until the year 1929. Then became a Soviet Socialist Republic within 15 of the Republic in the Soviet Union and remained to the very extinction. After the break up and disintegration of the Soviet state of Tajikistan declared its independence on 9 September 1991