1- Requires entry visa to Tanzania from the Tanzanian Embassy in Riyadh or the General Consulate in Jeddah.

2- Strongly recommends the embassy and all citizens to retain the passport because an official document requires the system to maintain them and not to encumber any purpose or delivered to any person except as proof of personality.

3- The embassy alert to the importance of recording the passport to the Consular Section and retain more of it out of necessity, as you register after the registration and to find out the way remote do the following:

  • Get a registration form from mofa web site: www.mofa.gov.sa
  • Fill out the form with your information.
  • Portray a clear picture of your passport.

4- Send the form after confirmation of the correctness of the information and a copy of your passport by: Embassy Address: Oysterbay Ali ben said Road plot 113 P.O.BOX 238

Alternatively, e-mail to the Embassy: tzemb@mofa.gov.sa

5- In the case of loss or theft of your passport should be reported to the nearest police station immediately taking care to record the number, date condition as noted in the police file, and then go to the embassy to complete the necessary procedures.

6- Before traveling abroad, please make sure that your passport validity of at least six months in line with that required by most countries in the world prior to visa issuance, including Tanzania.

7- Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tanzania house for all citizens in the event of any problem you do not, God forbid, no hesitation to contact them on the following numbers:

  • 00255 22 267833
  • 00255 22 668203
  • mobile : 00255746770088

And reported the incident in a timely manner so that the embassy be able to carry out their duty towards you and the speed of solving the problem at the beginning before they escalate and get any other repercussions note that there is a special section for the Saudi mission serve you and give you advice and help you when you need it is at the following numbers: 00255 689131588

8- Hunting rules:

Hunting in the United Republic of Tanzanians the end of March stopped, and the period allowed for hunting as of July begins a year to the end of March. During April, May and June months of each year, it is absolutely not allowed to hunt in Tanzania is to be arrested is contrary to the laws of hunting and applied in the right penalties in this regard.

Hunting in Tanzania is done by specialized companies that extract the necessary licenses are not allowed to fish the way the individual and the individual fishing way is contrary to the laws of hunting and applied in the right penalties in this regard.

9- Tanzanian government to prevent the export of domestic workers to work abroad.