​​Saudi Arabian Embassy in Dar es Salaam
Consular Section
Service Office ENJAZ

1- Arabian Gulf Office, contact name: Abdo Hashem, contact numbers: 00255653330846, 00255777999907

2- Alsayyar Office of Travel & Tourism, Contact name: Khaled, contact number: 00255712188887, Alternatively, Fatima Shaher, contact number: 00255714409790
3- Global office for a consultation, Contact name: Abbas Ali Bantolaki, Contact numbers: 00255784508317, 00255773000132
Alternatively, Hassan, contact numbers: 00255654024541, 00255685580257
4- Agencies Safari Company, Contact name: Faisal Badr Al Nahdi, Contact numbers: 00255787999999, 00255784909050
5- Gulf Agency to hire the world's labor force, Contact name: Mohamed Saied Omar Abu-Bakr, Contact numbers: 00255713758016, 00255777808016
6- Bravo Job center office, Contact name: Abbas Mtemvu, Contact numbers: 00255714318681, 00255773131641
7- Pro Active Solutions, Office, Contact name: Van Marius Lewis, Contact Numbers: 00255783000555, 002552222617
8- Office Mnmital Tanzania, Contact name: Walid Al-Saeed, Contact numbers: 0025568065585, 00966545999956
Alternatively, Aisha Taleb, contact number: 00255755405019