At the outset self-respect and respecting others compromises the preservation of an ideal society, such values forms the constitution which governs the entire society.
The people of the United Arab Emirates are very sociable, peaceful, kind and generous, hence, for your safety and security observe the following:
Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates beside the spread of mosques throughout the Emirates.
Language :
The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic, English is also widely spoken in some Transactions.
Rules of the Uniform in United Arab Emirates​:
The official dress of the United Arab Emirates is Kandura “garment”, Guthra “head scarf” and Equal “Black rope that fixes the head scarf in place”
Sometimes people prefer Hamdaniya “Turban”
Normally dresses in U.A.E are moderate and tolerable, but visitors male or female alike are advised to select their own dresses which respect the culture and the local traditions, and this also applicable on public beaches and it is also important to choose the appropriate Swimming dress.
As regards to climate and weather, people are advised to wear the appropriate Summer clothes for the entire year (Summer-Spring- Autumn) people are also advised to Carry sweaters or Jackets while visiting shopping centers, hotels and restaurant since Temperature remains down  due to A/c , but at the same time outside Temperature becomes extremely hot.
So people are also advise to wear Sun glasses, during winter Season, warm clothes are necessary especially during evening.

Disciplines of Majalis in United Arab Emirates:
Emirates Majalis “Arabic term Means a place of Sitting “ has important role in enhancing social  and moral values, although U.A.E has a tremendous communications method sods , but still Majalis is an important part of the U.A.E homes . Currently, Majalis has changed due to change in the social and economical circumstances.
Behaviors and public rules:
Retrain from smoking to preserve your health and others, since smoking is harmful to health in  general, so never annoy people and you should not have a cigarette from a particular person without his own permission also smoking is permitted only in designated areas, also you should never throw litters of smoking in public areas.