Emergency numbers: 

Ambulance: 998 or 999

Helicopter ambulance service:

When you are connected to telephone 999 police will send a helicopter to transport patients by air, so if the seriousness of the incident require this.

Fire: 997

Police: 999

Coast Guard: 996

Water and electricity: 991 or 992

Municipality: 993

Meteorology: 026667776 Ext 221

Directory Enquiries:

Itsalat : 181

Du: 199​​


Hospitals Telephone :

1- Sheikh Khalifa Medical City  Tel. 026310000  www.skmc.ae

2- Mafraq Hospital  Tel. 025823100    www.mafraqhospital.ae

3- Zayed Military Hospital  Tel. 024448100   www.zmh-elibrary.com

4- Alsalea Hospital  Tel. 028721555   

5- Ghiathy Hospital  Tel. 028741666  

6- Tawam Hospital Tel. 037677444   www.tawamhospital.ae

7- Al Ain Hospital Tel. 037635888   www.alain-hospital.ae

8- Al Noor Hospital  Tel.  026265265   www.alnoorhospital.com

9- AL SALAMA Hospital Tel. 026711220    www.alsalamahospital.com

10- Al Hyatt Hospital  Tel. 037660999     

11- Emirates International Hospital AL AIN  Tel. 037637777

12- National Hospital - Abu Dhabi  Tel. 026711000

13- Emirates Hospital  Tel.  024466422    www.emirateshospital.ae

14- Dar Al Shifaa Hospital  Tel. 026416999     www.daralshifaa.net

Web sites : 

 First: The UAE government sites


 General Authority for Health Services - Abu Dhabi


 Environmental Research


 Abu Dhabi Police


Rescue and emergency management / Abu Dhabi


 General Directorate of Civil Defense


 Ministry of Works


 Ministry of Justice


 Ministry of Health


 Ministry of Labor


Ministry of Education


Site Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan


Site, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


 Emirates Heritage Club


 Etihad Airways


 Emirates Airline


 Emirates Media Incorporated


 Emirates News Agency​