Thousands of Saudi students in Australian Universities have been encouraged to give blood for the first time in recognition of World Blood Donor Day 2008.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canberra in conjunction with the Australian Red Cross has launched a campaign of blood donations amongst Embassy staff and Saudi students currently situated in Australia.

Saudi Arabian students, of which there are currently several thousand studying in Australia, will be encouraged to participate in the campaign in their State of residence.
The Saudi Ambassador Mr. Hassan Nazer said that “The Embassy looking forward to a successful campaign in recognition of World Blood Donor Day , which may form the basis for ongoing contributions and more regular donors,
“I believe many people today would not be alive if it wasn't for the generous and voluntary blood donors who give blood to help those in need. “For this reason I would strongly encourage all Saudi Students and their families and friends who are eligible to donate to give it a go and become a regular blood donor.”

The Embassy is proposing to undertake this campaign commencing on 14th of June 2008.

Media Contact: Mr. Reda Alnuzha Telephone +61 (2) 62346969