​Bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Australia have improved and progressed significantly in recent years and moved from normal relations to relations of mutual trust and partnership in various fields. Australian officials have stressed on the importance of achieving economical and investment partnerships between Australia and the Kingdom in multiple fields. Saudi Arabia and Australia have also worked together in the fight against extremism and terrorism for \ stability and peace in the world. Australia also praises the role of the Kingdom in addressing the financial and economical crisis through its fundamental role in the Group of twenty G20.

The growth and increasing number of Saudis who are receiving scholarships, education and postgraduate studies in Australian universities is an important factor in the development of these bilateral relations and in promoting humanitarian relations between the two countries on more than one level.

Also, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Australia have had approaches in dealing with the global financial crisis better than most countries. Through the wise management of their financial systems and the principles of good governance, they were able to avoid recession that most countries had fallen into.​