Hello / Bonjour!

I am honoured and delighted to serve as the Saudi Ambassador to Canada. My family and I are excited to be here.

 I want to extend my appreciation to the officials, dignitaries and friends in Canada for their warm welcome and would like to welcome you to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia's website.

Representing my country in Canada is a privilege. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada enjoy a long history of diplomatic relations that are rooted in mutual interests, respect and friendship since May 1973.

As we celebrate (50) years of relations this year, I am honoured to work with our friends in Canada to build bridges, understand cultures and learn from one another.

Saudi Arabia is at the heart of the world's second fastest- growing tourism destination according to WTO data. From region to region it showcases the rich traditions of the land, the warmth of the people and the endless business opportunities. I am excited for our friends from Canada to explore our culture, heritage and our nature.

People to people relations are always the strongest. I look forward to collaborating with our partners to not only revive our relationships but also build on their success for a more synergized connection. I am also keen on travelling across different parts of Canada to learn from its people, to hear their narratives and experience the beauty of this country.

  Thank you all very much. Merci!