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Address of the Saudi diplomatic mission:
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi-embassies area
Telephone: 024445700
Fax: 024448491
UAE code: 00971
P.O Box: 4057
Coordinates of the diplomatic mission:
24- Degree -north -2505 minutes.
54- Degree - east -2601 minutes.
Official holidays of the hostess state:
1. New year (first January) first day.
2. Prophet’s birthday (first rabbi) one day.
3. The night of isra and mirage (27-rajab) one day.
4. Eid Al-Fitr (first shawl) three days.
5. The day of Arafat (nine tho Alheja) one day.
6. Eid Al- Adha (10-tho-alheja)three days
7. UAE national day (2-3 Dec) two days.

Work Times :
From 9 AM to 3 PM ,  Except Friday and Saturday
Time differences between KSA and UAE: +1 hour