Dear citizen :
You know very well how much the Saudi government tends to lock after and protect the Saudi citizens in and out Saudi Arabia , therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs realizes the advisement and discrimination of Saudi citizens specially those who traveled abroad and gain experience in knowing what should and should not do to have a pleasant and safe stay.
There is no doubt that you are the best ambassador of your country in which you reflect a beautiful image for Muslims and for the Kingdom that have been chosen by God to have the two holy mosques and in regard of our concern we present you this guide line :
Make sure that your passport is not expired for at least six months because some countries may not allow you to enter, also your family members that don’t have an independent passport must be added to yours and their number must be mentioned in the visa
Some countries require a visa ,so make sure to get your visa before leaving specially if you are taking your family with you because you may not allowed to inter and it will coast you a lot to go back.
When you go to the airport you must check your airline and hotel reservations and make sure that you carry all your travel documents ,money, and other personal belonging and if you don’t have any hotel reservation then you can make them in the airport where usually you find offices for hotel services with reasonable prices.
As soon as you arrive the country you must head to the Saudi embassy to take your passport information , your address , and your phone numbers in order to provide you with the service you may need.
Your passport is your personal document ,so don’t lose it or give it to anybody unless if it is necessary like working personals in the embassy or other officials and do not leave your passport at hotel receptions(in case you lost your passport head to the nearest police office to make a report and provide the embassy with a copy of the report to help you).
Keep your passport and your personal belongings in safe places by having a safe container at the hotel to put your passport , your money , and your travel tickets (don’t carry big amounts of money in your pocket and make sure that most of the money you carry are cheques or credit cards and keep their numbers safe ).
If you are travelling for business then make sure before you go on with any negotiations with any companies or traders to contact the trade chambers in Saudi Arabia before you travel to check on those companies, also you must consult a lawyer for any contracts.
Remember that some countries demand on checking in on all the jewellery and local currency to the custom employee , so make sure to have a receipt for all the money that have been transferred into the country currency so that you don’t lose them.
You must respect the law and the rules of the country you tend to visit and that requires you to head to the embassy of that country in Saudi Arabia and learn all about the these rules .
The Kingdom’s embassies like a home to all Saudi citizens and in case of having any problem don’t hesitate to contact the nearby embassy .
Dear citizen:
For further help you can always contact the Saudi embassy in Hanoi call Saudi Affairs Phone +84916632926 .