Consulates and Embassies in Vietnam
Vietnam retains a distinctive and good relations with all countries in the world with her faith and mutual cooperation between the countries, and have Vietnam diplomatic missions of about 80 countries, in addition to Vietnam in more than 60 of the common interest of international organizations and international bodies member and has relationships with more than 650 of non-governmentalorganizations in the international world.

Vietnamese police is to maintain security and order in the country and many police stations spread in different areas. The number in case of emergency is 113.

Health system
The health system in Vietnam is a mixed system between the public and private sectors, in which  the public system plays a major role in health care, especially in policies, prevention and training. The private sector has grown steadily since the reform of the health sector in 1989, but  is active mainly in the area of outpatient care. The inpatient care is provided primarily through the public sector. The health care is promoted through the implementation of national health programs to deal with the diseases and health problems.
Banking system
The banking system in Vietnam is relatively late in comparison with developed countries. The World Bank has urged Vietnam to improve the financial system in general as well as called for improving macroeconomic management. At the end of 2011, there was the first merger of three Vietnamese banks in the restructure process of Vietnamese banks. In the recent period, the international financial institutions like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank has urged Vietnam to speed up the merger of banks to improve the capability of the banking system. The Central Bank is considered the main bank, and there are more than 60 banks supervised by the Central Bank, including the international banks. The government allows the establishment of foreign banks with 100% foreign capital, and there are currently several international banks, including HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ, DBS Bank Ltd, which have been allowed to engage in activities in Vietnam since the beginning of 2007. The trading currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND).
Vietnamese Dong is the local currency.
Vietnam offers visitors many opportunities for shopping in the popular markets, shopping centers and parks scattered across the country. The popular markets, such as Dong Xuan market, and souvenir shops show many local goods. The fast food, popular restaurants and others offer visitors more options to enjoy the delicious cuisine.
Places to eat
Vietnam has a variety of delicious restaurants such as the European and Asian restaurants, Indian restaurants, Moroccan restaurants and Lebanese restaurant.
The famous local and global fast food restaurants spread in the big cities, which offers many options of delicious dishes.
World Heritage sites
There are many landscapes and cultural phenomena recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Vietnam such as the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, Ho Dynasty Citadel, the Complex of Hue Monuments , Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex.
Vietnam expanses from the plains of basins of Red River, Lo River and Cai River in northern area where the water flows from the north-west to south-east and pour in Bac Bo Gulf. It is known that the Vietnamese residents of the northern areas have focused their communities and places of residence and their activities on riverbanks there thousands of years ago.
In the south of Vietnam, the Mekong River flows throughout there and divides its water into nine branches.  The territory of the areas surrounding those branches are considered of the most fertile agricultural land and productive in Vietnam.
Along the 3,000 km beaches, tourists can enjoy the world's finest and most beautiful beaches and beach of "Ha Long Bay" comes in the forefront, in addition to three thousand small mountains overlooking to the sea, all recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage. Vietnam enjoys the natural forests full of plants, flowers and airy mountains with appropriate temperatures, which attracts visitors to spend fun times in these areas. In addition, the country has a large number of caves, lakes, rivers and waterfalls where you can practice many water sports.
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