The most important tourist attractions in Bucharest
  • Parliament Palace: the construction started in 1980 and it is the world's second largest building after USA Pentagon:
  • The Arch of Triumph: is one of the symbolic monuments in Bucharest and it was built in 1922.
  • National Opera Bucharest: a spectacular building, built in 1953 with a capacity of 952 seats:
  • The Romanian Athenaeum: a symbol of Romanian culture, inaugurated on            14 February 1888.
  • Manuc's Inn: it is considered one of the most important historical building in Bucharest, which was built in 1808:
  • Village Museum: a collection of old buildings presenting the history of Romanian rural architecture, built in 1936:
  • National Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa": was established on 1834 and holds about 2 million specimens of reptiles, fish, birds and mammals, including dinosaur fossils:

    The most important tourist resorts in Romania
  • The City of Sinaia is located in the center of Romania, on the Prahova Valley and at the foothills of Bucegi Mountains. The most important tourist attractions in Sinaia are: Peleş Castle and Buşteni resort, which is considered the gate to the Bucegi Mountains.
  • The most important summer resorts located on the Black Sea coast are Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Olimp, Neptun and Mangalia.
  • There are tourist resorts on the heights and at the foothills of the Carpathian chain, such as: Brasov area with the famous Bran Castle, Braşov city, Poiana Braşov and in the northern part of the country is the Maramureş area, where the old traditions are part of the daily life of people.

      The most important spa resorts
Sovata, Tuşnad resorts in the north of Braşov county, Călimăneşti and Căciulata resorts, situated on the Olt valley, Băile Olăneşti and Herculane.