• Before traveling to Romania, please make sure that your passport validity is not less than six months, this being a condition imposed by most countries when issuing a visa.
  • The Romanian legislation on migration requires obtaining a visa (of Romania or Schengen) before entry on the territory of Romania. For more information on obtaining an entry visa in Romania, you can access the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania: www.mae.ro or the website of the Romanian Embassy in Riyadh: http://riyadh.mae.ro
  • The period of stay allowed to the visitor generally does not exceed the period mentioned on the visa, and is not allowed for the visitor to change the type of visa from tourist visa in a medical treatment visa or any other type of visa.
  • The failure to comply of the period of stay mentioned on the visa is punishable by a fine and an interdiction to enter Romanian territory for a period established by the General Inspectorate for Immigration of the Ministry of Interior.
  • The holders of a Schengen visa with multiple entries or at least two entries, with the condition that certain restrictions are not applied, meaning that there is no exception to the visa regime for any of the Schengen countries, may visit and stay in Romania for a period of 90 days at every 180 days: http://www.mae.ro/en/node/30320