The Embassy attests the Certificate of Marriage, Birth and Death as well as the Educational Degrees.
All documents must be submitted through an authorised travel agencies after getting attested by the Ministry of  External Affairs.
Formalities Required for Degree Attestation
Attestations of educational degrees and Diplomas are being done by the Saudi Cultural Attaché Office, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi. The formalities are as follows:
·         The degree holder must have a contract letter from government or private sectors in Saudi Arabia or he has got admission in any Saudi University to pursue study there. The contract letter from private sectors must be attested by Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia.
·         The degree holder must have a valid passport
·         Before submission to Cultural Office, his / her degree must be attested by:
·         Department of Higher Education of the respective state, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India,
·         Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India.
·         Embassy of his / her country in India. (for foreigners)
·         His/Her agency must produce a letter from the concerned university stating that his/her degree is genuine.
·         Foreigners must produce all Passport and Visa copies issued to them during their study in India. (for foreigners only).
·         Documents are accepted only through any approved agency by Cultural Attache Office.
·        The list of agencies is available on our website:
·         Attestation is done on Original & Final Degrees only. Mark Sheets / Transcript of Marks, Provisional Certificates, Marriage or Experience Certificates or any distance learning certificates are not attested here.
     On completion of the above formalities, the Saudi Cultural Attaché Office takes the following steps:
·         All the data related to the degree is entered to the Data base and a copy of each document is kept in the record file to be reviewed any time in future.
·         The degree is attested by the authorized signatory.
·         All the attested degrees are sent to the Consular Section in Saudi Embassy for attestation on their part.
·         Finally, the attested degrees are returned back to the concerned agency by the embassy as per their norms.