Dear citizen:

You are the ambassador of your country, the realm of the divine inspiration and of the Two Holy Mosques! Therefore, you must respect religious values and good conduct.

Passport registration:

You can register your passport and travel dates before your departure date, through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (electronic services for Saudi citizens abroad).

General Advices:

  1. Do not have with you the National Identity Card.
  2. It is convenient to hold close your contact details with your bank so you can contact it when you needed.
  3. The visitor must have medical insurance, considering the fact that the Embassy of Romania in Riyadh makes the obtaining of the visa, conditional upon holding the medical insurance.

    Upon arrival in Romania:
  1. To avoid cases of detention at the airport, you must check the information on the visa, the date of entry, the period of stay and the type of visa.
  2. The visitor must have at least EUR 500 or the equivalent in dollars upon arrival at the airport and to present a copy of the hotel reservation and traveling ticket.
  3. It is recommended to use credit cards for your payments.
  4. The Saudi riyal cannot be exchanged in the Romanian banks.
  5. You must inform the Romanian customs authorities from the airport or from the land or sea, crossing border points about the amounts of money you have on you, which must not exceed € 10,000 per person or equivalent in other currencies otherwise, can be confiscated.
  6. If you are the victim of an aggression or theft, you must immediately inform the nearest police station and note the number and date of the official report, as recorded in the police file, and it is necessary to inform the person in charge of the embassy with the Saudi citizens at the telephone number:  004 0751 035 555.
  7. You must be cautious about the commercial services offered by people who want to sell an apartment at a tempting price, it is necessary to consult a lawyer or the embassy to not fall victim to the scams or frauds. In addition, pay attention to attempted scam and fraud through the Internet, where usually there are fictitious and false sites of some companies or institutions, and it is possible to be checked through official channels from Romania.
  8. Romanian legislation forbids the possession of firearms, even false ones or cold weapons, such as knife, stating that the Romanian legislation sanctions their possession.
  9. It is not allowed to bring food in Romania, especially derivatives from milk, such as cheese, etc.
  10.  If you travel with the public transportation, train, bus, tram or underground railway, you need to buy a ticket before.
  11.  Avoid as far as possible to walk in uninhabited or poorly illuminated places.
  12. Watch out for your personal items in public spaces such as underground railway, markets or parks.
  13.  Take care of your personal items at concerts, festivals or stadiums. Also, avoid places or markets where demonstrations are taking place.
  14. You need to obtain in advance an international driving license to be able to rent a car and you need to respect the traffic rules in force in Romania.
  15.  If you take a taxi, request from the driver the receipt, because it contains information about the driver and his car in case you forget your personal items.
  16.  If you are driving between the cities, do not stop at any person who makes you a sign to stop or who shows you that the car has a damage.
  17.  Do not leave your valuables in the car or at sight, which draw attention, if you leave the car.
  18.  It is recommended to park the car in the designated areas in this regard, because it is safer than other places.

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