​The English version of the following documents is for guidance only. In each case, the Arabic version is the governing text. Full text of laws of government: 

Full Text of Laws of Government:

Basic Law of ​Governance [1992]

Law of the Council of Ministers [1993]

Law of the Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) [1992]

Law of the Provinces [1992]

Laws in Judicial System:

Law of the Judiciary [1975]

Law of Procedure before Shari'ah Courts [2000]

Law of Criminal Procedure [2001]

Code of Law Practice [2001]

Investigatory Laws and Regulations:

Arbitration Law [1983]

Board of grievances law [1982]

Board of grievances procedural rules [1989]

Bureau of investigation and prosecution [1989]

Combating money laundering [2003]

Commercial Laws and Regulations:

Foreign Investment Act and Executive Rules [2000] [plus: annexes re. real estate ownership and exclusions]

Corporate Income Tax [2004]

Labor and Workmen Law [1969]

Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law [2003]

Law of Printing and Publication [2003]

Commercial Data Law and Regulations [2002]

Law of Commercial Register [1995]

Law of Commercial Books [1989]

Private Laboratories - Law [2002]

Private laboratories - Regulations [2003]

Agricultural Fertilizer Law [2002]

Camel Jockey Regulations [2002]

Copyright Law [1989]

Trademarks, Law and Regulations [2002]

Trade Names, Law and Regulations [1999]

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