1. Attestation of the document by the competent Bangladeshi authorities and verified by the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh.
  2. Translation of the document into the Arabic Language by translation center accredited by the Government of Bangladesh and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.
  3. Required documents must be submitted to any of the agency offices accredited by the Embassy (Services Offices.pdf).
  4. Educational certificates should be attested by the competent authorities of the government of Bangladesh approved by of the Foreign Ministry, if the certificates are below secondary level. University levels certificates must be authenticated by the Saudi attaché in India (numbers and addresses of the Saudi attaché in India mentioned).



  1. The Embassy has right not to do attestation any of the documents without giving reasons.
  2. The documents must be original without any mark or amendment.
  3. If the documents are in duplicate image, the origin of the document must be submitted with it.
  4. Original Certificate will be Certified Free (Commercial Invoice).
  5. For inquiries or requests for assistance, please contact to any agency offices accredited to the Embassy (​Services Offices.pdf).​
  6. In case of difficulties or complaints, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy via e-mail, leaving the contact numbers, to discuss the issue for providing assistance to you.
  7. Required time to study the application and attestation is one working day from the date of receiving the document, noting that the Embassy does not retain any document and submit the document to the approved agency, whether it has been approved or not.