​Children Visa Requirements

1. Visa application for children should be submitted by his father along with signature and certification from father employer. 
2. The birth certificate of children must be certified by the relevant authorities and attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.
3. Translation of the birth certificate from any recognized translation center and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.
4. The child must not exceed one year of age.
5. An electronic report (a report on the resident status) issued by the Saudi Passport Authority for both father and mother and registered the profession of the mother as (housewife) in order to stay with her husband not for work.
6. A recent photograph of the child with white background.
7. There should be two empty pages in the passport.
8. Application is submitted to the accredited office by the embassy (​Services Offices.pdf).


1. For inquiries or requests for assistance, please contact the accredited agencies to the Embassy (​Services Offices.pdf).​
2. In case of difficulties or complaints, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy through e-mail, providing the contact numbers to assist you.
3. Required time to study the application and issue the visa from the Embassy in one working day from the date of receiving the passport, noting that the Embassy does not keep any passport and hand over it to the agency, whether the visa is issued or not without giving any reasons.
4. The Embassy may request for other relevant documents if needed.