Air Transit Visa Requirements

1. The visa applicant must obtain a visa from the country of destination if required for entry into the country.
2. Air ticket must be paid and should not tran​sitory one.
3. Transit shall not be less than 12 hours and more than 72 hours.
4. A recent photograph of the visa applicant with white background.
5. The passport validity should not be less than six months.
6. Two empty pages must be in the passport.
7. Apply to an agency accredited by the Embassy (​Services Offices.pdf).


1. For inquiries or requests for assistance, please contact an agency accredited to the Embassy (​Services Offices.pdf).​
2. In case of facing any problems regarding the visa issue, the applicant should contact to the consular section of the Embassy through email address providing contact number to contact with the applicant.
3. Required time to study the application and issue visa from the embassy is a working day from the date of receiving the passport, noting that the embassy does not keep any passport and it is given to the approved agency, whether the visa is issued or not, without describing the reasons.
4. The Embassy may request for more relevant documents if needed.
5. If the request is for a round trip, the return date must not exceed one month from the date of departure.